Quail Ranch is a private avocado and citrus ranch located just outside of Los Angeles in Ventura County, in the city of Simi Valley. Family owned and operated, the flourishing avocado orchard and a variety of colorful citrus are planted alongside towering pines and majestic oak trees.  The Estate home, known as the Ranch House, was built in 1933. Its Spanish Revival architecture adds a stately charm and beauty to the property. A hidden gem high on the hill, Quail Ranch provides intimacy and rustic elegance perfect for a ceremony and reception. Now accepting private events, we welcome you to enjoy this beautiful and special venue.


Private Setting


Orchard Views


In-House Catering


Farm to Table Menus

Farm to
Table Menus

Gorgeous Bide & Groom Partner Facilities

Lovely Bride &



Close To Los Angeles

Close To
Los Angeles

Accommodates Up To 250 People

Up To 200 Guests

Farm to Table

Agriculture and farming have a rich heritage in California and are an integral part of Ventura County History. As a family, we proudly continue that heritage as growers producing California avocados and a variety of citrus at Quail Ranch, shipped and enjoyed around the world.  We work exclusively with a talented catering group to create a unique Farm-to -Table dining experience. The catering manager will work to develop customized menus offering a variety of service styles and fresh and delicious menu options to include seasonal local produce, when available.

Learn more about the benefits of California Avocados and visit

hand grown in California


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