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Quail Ranch

Quail Ranch is a family owned and operated avocado ranch located just outside of Los Angeles in Ventura County, in the city of Simi Valley.  A flourishing avocado orchard and a variety of citrus are planted alongside towering pines and majestic oak trees.  The estate home, the Ranch House, was built in 1933 and is of Spanish Revival architecture adding a unique charm and beauty to the property. A hidden gem high on the hill, Quail Ranch provides an intimacy and rustic elegance that is perfect for a wedding. Now accepting private events, we welcome you to enjoy this beautiful and special venue on your very special day.

The Quail

The Quail is a symbol of love and devotion, a symbol of loyalty and commitment to family, of peace and as many Native Americans believe, a symbol of staying grounded, being humble, and staying close to mother earth. The Scots believed the Quail to be a symbol of protection and inspiration and as the simple Quail live and endure, they are a symbol of strength and survival, the symbol of victory.

We share with you the symbol of the Quail.

Tour The Ranch

The Ranch House

Built in 1933, the Ranch House is a Spanish style estate home with large beautiful windows, a lovely courtyard, splashing fountains, and original handmade tiles creating a beautiful backdrop for your wedding or special event.

The Poolside Retreat

The original pool is a classic design and thought to be the first in-ground pool in Ventura County. The renovated Poolside Retreat is adorned with Spanish tiles and beautiful bright French doors with an abundance of natural light. With a full bathroom and generous seating, the Poolside Retreat is the perfect place to relax as you prepare for your special day.

The Lodge

The Lodge, a part of the original Ranch House, is a dark wood paneled study with hand-hewn beams, original flagstone fireplace, pool table, leather sofa and chairs. French doors lead out into the private courtyard. This comfortable and elegant room can accommodate the groom and/or wedding party prior to the event.

The Grounds

Avocados, lemons, oranges and tangerines fill the landscape alongside towering pines and mature oak trees. The scent of orange blossoms, lavender or wisteria is in the air. With manicured lawns, lovely brick patio areas and vibrant natural landscaping, Quail Ranch offers intimate spaces ideal for a beautiful ceremony and a gorgeous outdoor reception.

California Avocados

Agriculture and farming has a rich heritage in Ventura County and throughout the state of California.  As a family, we proudly continue that heritage and grow California Avocados and citrus at Quail Ranch. We have worked with our exclusive caterer to create unique Farm to Table Menu options that can include California Avocados and other local produce.  All events at Quail Ranch help to support the local farming industry and promote sustainable agriculture in California.

Great recipes and more about the benefits of California Avocados can be found at  www.californiaavocado.com

Preferred Vendors

  • Caterer
    Command Performance
    Our Exclusive Caterer
    Presenting unique Farm to Table Menus along with many classic American, Ethnic & Kosher dinner options, beautifully presented by a professional staff.

    Annette Kirkhuff

  • Cake
    Skiffs Cakes
    Expertly Handcrafted Cakes
    4332 Cochran St., Simi Valley
  • Rental Company
    Andrew Evans
    355 Balboa Cir.
    Camarillo, CA 93012




A Historic California Ranch

Quail Ranch and the surrounding area were part of a Spanish land grant given to Santiago de la Cruz Pico in 1795.  Pico named the land El Rancho Simi.   Being close to the San Fernando Mission, El Rancho Simi served the population traveling to and from the Santa Barbara Mission and to nearby El Pueblo de Los Angeles during the California Mission era. In 1833, the Pico family sold the land to Don Jose de la Guerra, a prominent figure in the days of early California who imported cattle and continued to farm the area. The town of Simi was soon established. Robert P. Strathearn, originally from Scotland, purchased a part of El Rancho Simi and built his Victorian style home on the property in 1892.  The Strathearns established the successful Strathearn Ranch which covered much of west Simi Valley and parts of Moorpark.  By the 1920’s, Simi was a valley of orange groves, apricots and walnuts.

David Strathearn, the youngest son of R.P. Strathearn, served in the Army during WWI touring in Europe. He later returned home to marry and in 1933 built the Strathearn Ranch House on modern day Quail Ranch. He incorporated many of the images he saw in Europe into the interior design of the house.  The hills were planted with citrus and flourished. The Ranch House was a special place where family and friends would gather and where the community could celebrate.  David Strathearn’s youngest son would also live at the Ranch House where he and his lovely wife raised their family.

After the children were grown, the Ranch House was sold to neighboring landowners, the Seaton family. The Seatons, of Scottish and Native American descent, named the property Quail Ranch.  They assembled the acreage and replanted the orchards that are now thriving on the hillsides. They continue to farm the land and live at the home where they have raised their 6 children.